DJI Care Refresh - support opgradering - 1 år - forsendelse

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DJI Care Refresh - support opgradering - 1 år - forsendelse

DJI Care Refresh is an effective, comprehensive warranty for your product, offering you greater peace of mind every time you fly.

  • Fly sooner with Express: Express is a great option that allows you to skip the damage assessment and quotation process. A DJI service center will ship you a replacement as soon as they receive your damaged drone. Get back in the air in no time.

  • Water damage coverage: The engineers will replace your aircraft if an accident occurs, even if it's damaged by water.

  • Rapid support: Enjoy priority service for receiving a replacement device, helping you get back in the air sooner.

  • VIP phone service: Get in touch with DJI product experts, delivering prioritized support and skilled advice whenever you need it.

  • Comprehensive protection: For a small additional charge, DJI Care Refresh offers up to two replacement units in excellent condition in terms of performance and reliability.

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